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Successful GCSAA Orlando Exhibition for Groundsman

Groundsman received a great reception at our 2017 GCSAA stand this year! Thanks to everyone who attended. We had big sucess with our latest Groundsman Turf/Sod Cutters and Flexblade Core Collector attachment, capable to fit all aerators such as Toro, John Deere and Weidenman and Groundsman Aerators. Visit our product page to find out more about our latest machinery and upcoming Exhibitions.


Groundsman 345HD Pedestrian Aerator (DEMO MACHINE) For Sale

Serial Number 8101333 2013 Machine
Groundsman model 345HD pedestrian Turf Aerator.
12 Months Factory Warranty

Comes with the following Tines and Holders

Twin Tines and Holders
4x SC234 3/4" Holder
8x GTSD58 Tines
3x SC278 7/8" Holder
6x GTSD34 Tines
3x SC212 1/2" Holder
6x GTSL1 Tines

Triple Tines and Holders
3x SC358 5/8" Holder
9x GTSD12 Tines
3x SC312 1/2" Holder
9x GTSD38 Tines

3x 8S516
3x SC212
6x GTS38L
3x SC212
6x GTS716L

To see videos of a Groundsman 345HD Turf Aerators in action click the following link
Find out more more about Groundsman Turf Aerators at the following link

For more information contact us at

Groundsman Flexblade Core Collector now available for Toro Procore Aerators!

The Flexblade Core Collector is a patented implement developed by Groundsman Industries to simply and efficiently remove aeration soil from the green for Aeration and Collection in One Pass or for Collection in Follow-up Operations. 

Due to demand, Groundsman Industries have made the original Flexblade Soil / Core Collector available to fit OTHER AERATORS for coring and collection in one pass. This implement is also now available as an attachment for suitable Turf Vehicles including Utility Trucks, Bunker Rakes and Compact Tractors for Soil / Core collection in a follow-up operation.  

JUST LAUNCHED: Groundsman Flexblade Collector to fit TORO Procore 648.

The Flexblade Core Collector is now available for the Toro Procore 648 turf aerator for coring and collection in one pass. The Flexblade is easy to attach and remove from your Toro machine. You can find a video of the Flexbladeattached to the Toro Procore collecting easily in the worst conditions possible. Click on our core collectors link or on the image below to see all of our available Flexblade Soil / Core Collector Implements.


The Flexblade is designed to hug the contours of undulating greens enabling it to collect flawlessly in even the worst conditions soaking wet or powder dry. This implement will save many hours of manual work or an extra operation with heavy cumbersome equipment. It collects cleanly and when used as an AERATOR attachment, over 60% of the cores enter the collector without touching the ground. The remainder are scooped cleanly from the surface without blocking the holes by a series of platelets which conform to the contours for the cleanest scoop, acting like shovels depositing the cores in a neat pile on the apron when the machine is raised. The holes remain open to breath and for top-dressing, trampling and surface disruption is minimised and the greens are quicker back in play.

To find out more information about the Groundsman Flexblade Core Collector and other Groundsman ground maintenance products go to OUR MACHINES.



Show Turf's Contracting Arm a Great Way for Customers to See Groundsman Machines in Action

Show Turf, your Groundsman dealer in Florida, Southern Georgia, Hilton Head and the Caribbean is going great guns with sales of their Groundsman machines. Show Turf has a contracting arm which of course uses one of our machines. And, of course, when the groundskeepers at the courses they visit see the machine in action the reaction is invariablly "I want one of those!"

Contact the folks at Show Turf to arrange a demo 

Groundsman introduces the TMC26 in Louisville!

Billy and Derek would like to thank all the people who came to see us at the GEI+Expo in Louisville, KY where we introduced our latest 2 wheel drive multi-cutter. We have tucked the blade closer into the wheels to give a more even cut on undulating ground, simplified the blade depth adjustment mechanism and lowered yhe center of gravity to improve handling when you're working across a steep slope. 

We had a great show. The big advantage to us of the Louisville show is that it offers an outdoor demonstration area where customers can actually see the machines in action and run them themselves and as any Groundsman user knows, when an experienced user runs a Grounsdman multi-cutter they know right away they're not running a traditional sod-cutter!

Check out the Groundsman Dealer Links page to find details of all our US dealers.

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