Cable & Pipe Insertion Machine USA and Canada

Cable & Pipe Insertion Machine

The TMC49 has been developed by Groundsman Industries specifically to insert Dripper-line Irrigation Pipe down to 15cm deep in a one pass operation to provide water directly to the root zone of any grass surface.

This four wheel drive machine is designed to place the pipe in rows of trenches 30cm (12”) apart and the rear wheels are spaced 60cm (24”) apart so as the operator can position the wheel on either side directly on the previous insertion trench to maintain the 30cm spacing while at the same time closing the trench over leaving little trace on the surface.

The trench is created by a specially designed wedge Blade which displaces the soil to create a trench and the pipe is fed into the bottom of the trench from a 100 metre capacity reel amounted on the machine via an insertion tube which works in conjunction with the wedge blade. An attachment is also available to insert cable using this system for low voltage current or signal applications such as for robotic mowers or cable TV.

The machine is raised and lowered with the assistance of two gas springs and supported on a caster wheel frame for easy turning and manoeuvring. 

Click on the link in the images below for more information about these products on our main website.

Click on a link below for more information about these products on our main website.
- TIM49 Cable & Pipe Insertion Machine

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