Groundsman have developed a range of attachments that can be fitted to our Sod Cutters, Pedestrian and Tractor mounted Turf Aerators.

Also see Turf Cutter Blades below.

Click on the link in the images below for more information about these attachments on our main website.

Click on a link below for more information about these products on our main website.
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Sod Blades

GROUNDSMAN manufacture a range of Sod or Turf Cutting blades for 30cm (12") 35cm (14") 40cm (16") 45cm (18") 50cm (20") wide cuts. These blades are manufactured from durable high tensile steel with excellent wear qualities. The patented design produces exceptionally clean cut edges and the cross section of the cross-blade is formed to reduce bowing for more consisten sod thickness especially in the wider cuts.
All blade widths can be fitted to Turf Cutter Models TMC46 and TMC48
The Model TMC24 can be fitted with all blade widths except 50cm (20") 

Blade Wheels
BLADE WHEELS are only required on the four wheel drive Turf Cutter models TMC46 and TMC48. They are available in four widths to match the width of sod blade being used. This system ensures maximum cutting accuracy, stability and traction. The Blade Wheels are three stud flange mounted and the  standard widths available are 30cm (12") 35cm (14") 40cm (16") 45cm (18"). The 45cm wheels are used for the 45cm and 50cm wide sod blades.
Only required for Turf Cutter Models TMC46 & TMC48

Mole Drain Blade
MOLE DRAIN BLADES are available for all GROUNDSMAN Turf Cutters. The Mole Drain Blade wil put a drain down to 10cm (4") depth on the TMC24 Turf Cutter and down to 13cm (5") on the models TMC46 and TMC48 The blade is centre mounted producing a single slit in the ground in the same way as the De-compactor blade, they are available with 16mm (5/8") and 20mm (3/4") diameter drainage bullet diameters.
Models TMC46 & TMC48 Mole Drain down to 13cm (5") depth
Model TMC24 Mole Drain down to 10cm (4") depth

De-compactor Blade
DE-COMPACTOR BLADES are available for all GROUNDSMAN Turf Cutters. The Decompactor Blade will work down to 10cm (4") depth on the TMC24 Turf Cutter and down to 13cm (5") on models TMC46 and TMC48.  The blade is centre mounted like the Mole-drain leaving a slit on the surface, the tail of the blade has an offset or twist on the lower rear edge to shift the soil sideways like a plough breaking up compaction under ground.  
Models TMC46 & TMC48 De-compaction down to 13cm (5") depth
Model TMC24 De-compaction down to 10cm (4") depth

Trench Blade
Trench Cutting Blades are available to fit the full range of Turf Multi Cutters. They produce a cleanly cut narrow strip of turf down to 10cm (4”) deep that can be lifted out before digging a trench and replaced when work is complete. Available in 75mm (3”) 125mm (5”) and 180mm (7”) widths. The 180mm wide is a standard spade width and specially adapted spades are available from Groundsman to match the other two trench blade widths to clean out the loose material from the bottom of the trench or to deepen it.

Revetting Blade
The Revetting Blade operates the same as a regular sod cutting blade except that it has a center knive as well as two side knives to cut two strips of sod. Revetting blades are available in six  widths from 30cm producing two 15cm wide sod strips up to 60cm producing two 30cm sod widths. This is a fast and economical way of producing narrow strips of turf ideal for building sod walls for tiered lawns or golf bunkers. The depth of cut is adjustable in the same manner as the regular sod cutting blades from 0 to 7cm (0 to 3")

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